Visit the Fascinating Countryside for the Art of Iwami Kagura

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WHAT IS IWAMI NO KUNI?Come Visit Iwami no Kuni

WHAT IS IWAMI NO KUNI?Come Visit Iwami no Kuni

The Iwami region is located in the western part of Shimane Prefecture. This area is also called, Iwami no Kuni. The nostalgic scenery, which could be the archetypal Japanese landscape, compels the hearts of visitors. Beautiful sea and lush green mountains. Historic and romantic old town. Young people in the Iwami region are passionate about the traditional performing art, Iwami Kagura. Many kinds of ingredients to satisfy epicures. Iwami no Kuni, with its various aspects, will surely relax your tired mind and body. All you need to enter this region is a little bit of curiosity. An overwhelming extraordinary experience awaits you.

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ACCESSFrom Tokyo to Iwami no Kuni


1.5 hours by air. Far away but close.

The quickest way to enter Iwami no Kuni from the Tokyo metropolitan area is to take one of the regular daily flights from Haneda Airport to Hagi-Iwami Airport.

Renting a car at the airport is the best way to get to Iwami no Kuni. Public transport is less frequent than the metropolitan area, so you may have to wait for a while, but it is also fun to take it easy and enjoy the views of the sea, mountains, and rivers from the window of the single-track local train. This laid-back atmosphere is the ultimate in luxury.

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